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Peter Smith

Modern artist, designer and photographer.


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About Me & My Artistic Journey


Welcome to my website! I'm Peter Smith, an artist and photographer based in New York.

Since childhood, I knew that I wanted to connect my life with creativity. I studied at the School of Visual Arts in New York, then worked in famous galleries in Europe. In 2018, I returned to New York, opened my own gallery and started collaborating with popular brands. I hope you'll like my works. In the meantime, subscribe to my social networks:

Recent Projects


I am pleased to present to you my latest projects made in New York. You can also see them live in my gallery.

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«Super Power»

04/03/2020 New York, USA

This is a series of panels drawn in comic style. You can see many superheroes that you know. But if you look closely, you will see completely unfamiliar faces. By this I wanted to say that we are all superheroes, this way or another.

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06/05/2020 New York, USA

I'm sure the most beautiful things are simple things. Do you agree? Then check this out. This triptych is so simple and still so beautiful. The paintings are made in my original manner using spray paints.

My Showreel


Here are examples of my recent works in my own modern style. Want to see more? Come to my gallery in New York!


Want to Buy My Paintings or Discuss a Project?



I'm so excited to invite everyone to my own gallery in New York!



You can see my art works at these upcoming exhibitions:


Tate Modern

12.10.2020 | London, Great Britain

I am pleased to announce that several of my works such as "Chaos", "The Middle", "Albatross" and others will be presented at the Tate Modern.


Gavin Brown’s Enterprise

02.01.2021 | NY, USA

A great friend of mine, Gavin Brown has two galleries - one on the Lower East Side, the other in Harlem. You will be able to see my works there.


David Zwirner Gallery

02.03.2021 | NY, USA

David is going to open his second gallery in New York in 2021, and I'm pleased to announce that my works will be presented there.


Albertina Modern

03.04.2021 | NY, USA

Albertina is one of the most famous museums in the world. Be sure to check my paintings out at Albertina Modern, this gorgeous museum in Vienna.

What Others Say


I'm so inspired by all the positive feedback by art lovers!


Julia Klaus

"Peter Smith is a budding young artist as well as a talented photographer. He is also very easy to work with on commercial projects. Can't wait to visit his own gallery!"

October 15, 2018


Alice Stitch

“I'm glad to finally see a fresh perspective on familiar things. I love Peter's way of expressing what he feels through his works. If you haven't seen his works, you should go to his gallery!”

March 28, 2019


Amanda Khoe

"I really like all the paintings by Peter Smith. I first saw his paintings at Tate Modern in London and was amazed by the bright colors and unusual concept. He's a young genius, no doubt!"

November 05, 2019


Lucas Schmidt

"I'm not good at modern art, but intuitively I like what Peter Smith does. And even more, I like that he himself explains the concepts of his paintings, which many other artists do not."

May 02, 2020



I love working with famous brands to make their appearance more modern.

Do you want me to paint a wall in your office or create prints for your next collection of clothes? We can discuss that. Just contact me in any convenient way as I'm always open for new opportunities.




I'm not just an artist, I also write articles sometimes, too.

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    Peter Smith

How Does Contemporary Pop Culture Influence Art?

    Thoughts | 06.03.2020
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    Peter Smith

My Paintings Will Be Exhibited at Albertina Modern in Vienna.

    News | 03.06.2020
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    Peter Smith

Why Don't Many People Understand Contemporary Art?

    Thoughts | 04.08.2020



Here's a list of answer to the most frequently asked questions.

  • How did you became an artist?

    I have been drawing since childhood, then studied at the School of Visual Arts in New York.

  • Where can I see your digital works?

    I can send my digital portfolio upon request or you can find me on Dribble.

  • How can we discuss collaboration issues?

    You can contact me in any convenient way or just fill out the form below on this website.

  • Do you sell your paintings?

    Yes, 90% of my art works are for sale.

  • Is your gallery free to visit?

    Yes, my gallery is totally free. Still, if you want to visit it, it's better to call me in advance.

  • Where can I see your photographs?

    Photographs taken by me are featured in National Geographic, Daily Mail, New York Times, etc.

Any questions?


Feel free to contact me or visit my gallery in New York!


79-80 77th Rd
Flushing, NY 11385


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